I have been looking into getting information, such as Contacts from a Developer Salesforce account I have created. I downloaded the Sample .NET Console application from the Force.com Toolkit for .NET Github repository. However, I am getting an "Authentication Error" response when trying to authenticate using the OAuth key and secret ID's.

I haven't modfied the code from the Github sample in any way, so I am at a loss to why this error is being returned.

From reading multiple posts online, this is what I have done to try and fix the issue:

  • Created a new Connected App that has:

    • All users may self-authorize
    • Relax IP Restrictions
    • Application permission set to "Full Access".
    • Generated Consumer Key and Secret.
  • Generated a Security Token from my logged in account (that has full System Admin access)

  • Ensure the user role has API Enabled.

I am at a loss to what else I need to do in order to get API access.

Any help would be appreciated.


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TLS 1.1 or 1.2 is required to access salesforce [always for sandbox, for prod depends on if the critical update is turned on]. Unfortunately the default TLS version for many versions of .NET is 1.0, which causes problems. See this issue in the toolkit project about TLS versions

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