I have a Custom Vf page which calls a custom component carrying:

Cannot display the data in tabs.

Here is the vf page and component:

<apex:page docType="html-5.0">

    <apex:tabPanel switchType="server">

        <apex:tab label="testing Differences" labelWidth="300" id="tab2"><c:Component1 /></apex:tab>


<apex:component >
 <analytics:reportChart reportId="00Op0000000Iqrst></analytics:reportChart>

The tab does not displays any data .

As checked in the developer forums:




not sure, if can be used with a tab.

Please assist. Thanks!


Actually there is a Known Issue that seems much more likely to be your issue:

Spring '15 - <analytics:reportChart> tag causes a Javascript error if the component is enclosed within an tag

In Spring '15, a Javascript error is thrown as a result of an tag being enclosed within an tag on the same Visualforce page.

To reproduce, create a simple Visualforce page as follows:

<apex:page id="Page" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" > 
    <apex:tabPanel > 
        <apex:tab label="Tab1" name="Tab1"> 
            <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O############"/> 

When you access the page, you will observe the following Javascript error in the browser console:

Error while running $A.run() : object is not a function

To workaround this issue you create a new Visualforce new page containing the <analytics:reportChart> tag and embed the page inside an <apex:tab> tag using an iframe as follows:

Visualforce Page with embedded iframe:

<apex:page id="Page" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" > 
        <apex:tab label="Tab1" name="Tab1"> 
            <apex:iframe src="/apex/iframepage"/> 

Visualforce Page containing tag to be embedded:

<apex:page id="Page" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" > 
    <analytics:reportChart reportId="00O############" /> 

Notice that this Known Issue is currently not fixed in any org, unlike the Known Issue you posted which is fixed in all orgs.

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