With all the enhancements Salesforce is making to the Developer Console, I am considering moving my development environment into the cloud. The only problem with this is I have no good way to commit code to SVN from the Salesforce.

What system can I use, for committing to SVN directly from Salesforce, or some other way of doing it without the IDE?

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Checkout: BrainEngine's IDE (they had a version that lives entirely on the cloud via FLEX or Silverlight I think) and I has SVN built in!

If those guys are around they could talk about how they did it.

I don't know if the online-version is available anymore?


Directly out of SFDC it wouldn't be possible without linking the meta-data API into your org as well as a lot of other customization


You could use the visual editor, but then use a Force.com migration tool (aka Ant) script to pull down the metadata and commit to source control. This is actually what I do but with the Force.com IDE - I edit via the IDE, but have a totally separate set of scripts I use for pulling down my code outside of the IDE for diffing and version control.

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