I have a list of string,reqNumber, containing External Opportunity Id.

I want to pull all the Opportunities belonging to the external Id's in reqNumber.

Following is my SOQL query

 list<Opportunity> opportunityBucket = new list<Opportunity>([Select Id,Recruiter_Name__c from Opportunity where Recruiter_Name__c IN :reqNumber]);

However the query returns no rows. reqNumber is not empty and corresponding Opportunities are available in my SF instance.

Not sure what am I missing.

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Is Recruiter_Name__c a lookup to another object with external IDs? The way you have it, you need to use Salesforce IDs in reqNumber. Change your SOQL to use Recruiter_Name_r.ExternalID_c. Change ExternalID__c to the name of the field that you are looking for.

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