We have one requirement we wants to be update Lookup field.

Let say we have a one Object called "Project_Task" (TASKRAY__Project_Task__c). In the same object we have lookup field called as "Project"(TASKRAY__Project__c).This field is Lookup to(TaskRay Project).Whenever we are select Support Request Team = AE Suport Request, TASKRAY__Project__c(LookupField) should be update "AE NA" Based on Pole Field (User Object) Means (if pole = AE NA ).

here TASKRAY__Project_Task__c(Child),TASKRAY__Project__c(Master).

Please Find the Below trigger which we are tried please update where we made the mistakes.

Trigger TaskRayUpdate on  TASKRAY__Project_Task__c(before insert,before update){  
list<TASKRAY__Project__c> Tasklist=new List<TASKRAY__Project__c>();
for(TASKRAY__Project_Task__c  t : Trigger.new){
 if(t.Type_of_Request__c == 'Support Request'){         
         if(t.createdby.Pole__c == 'North America')            
             t.TASKRAY__Project__c = '18 digit id';            
         else if(t.createdby.Pole__c == 'China')
             t.TASKRAY__Project__c = 'AE China';
         else if(t.createdby.Pole__c == 'APAC')
             t.TASKRAY__Project__c = 'AE APAC';
         else if(t.createdby.Pole__c == 'EMEA')
             t.TASKRAY__Project__c = 'AE EMEA';
         else if(t.createdby.Pole__c == 'LATAM')
             t.TASKRAY__Project__c = 'AE LATAM';
 update Tasklist;

Thanks in Advance


I think you need a map here.

Also I would suggest to use List CustomSetting, or CustomMetadata or a map to store the matching pairs.

Below I show example of how Map can be used to store the matching pairs.

Trigger TaskRayUpdate on  TASKRAY__Project_Task__c(before insert,before update){  
    Map<String, String> matchingPairsMap = new Map<String, String>{
        'North America' => 'AE NA',
         'China' => 'AE China',
         'APAC' => 'AE APAC',
         'EMEA' => 'AE EMEA',
         'LATAM' => 'AE LATAM'
    Map<String, TASKRAY__Project__c> projectsMap = new Map<String, TASKRAY__Project__c>();
    for ( TASKRAY__Project__c p: [ SELECT Id, Name FROM TASKRAY__Project__c WHERE Name IN :matchingPairsMap.values()] ) {
        projectsMap.put( p.Name, p );
    Set<Id> userIds = new Set<Id>();
    for(TASKRAY__Project_Task__c  t : Trigger.new){

    Map<Id, User> usersMap = new Map<Id, User>([ SELECT Id, Pole__c FROM User WHERE Id IN: userIds ]);
    for(TASKRAY__Project_Task__c  t : Trigger.new){
        if(t.Type_of_Request__c == 'Support Request'){         
            User u = usersMap.get( t.OwnerId );
            String pole = u.Pole__c;
            if( !String.isBlank( pole ) && matchingPairsMap.keySet().contains( pole ) ) {
                TASKRAY__Project__c p = projectsMap.get( matchingPairsMap.get( pole ) );
                if ( p != null )
                    t.TASKRAY__Project__c = p.Id;
  • Hi Patlatus, Thanks for your reply, I have updated your logic in my trigger but still not working. Can you please check one more time Thanks – Devi Sep 13 '16 at 9:27
  • Could you please be more precise what exactly is not working? What result do you expect? What do you get? Which are the case conditions? – Patlatus Sep 13 '16 at 10:33
  • Project field is not updating. Whenever we can select Support request = "Support request" Project field should be update Like "AE NA,AE EMEA". I have tried your logic which are mentioned above but not working , and also we made some changes in the map showing error like this "Error: Compile Error: Method does not exist or incorrect signature: [Id].values() at line 9 column 63.Please find below code which we are tried " – Devi Sep 13 '16 at 10:39
  • Not able to copy entire code.Please find bit of logic:Map<String,ID> projectsMap = new Map<String,ID>();if(t.createdby.Pole__c == 'North America') t.TASKRAY__Project__c = projectsMap.get('AE NA').values(); – Devi Sep 13 '16 at 10:44
  • I thought you are trying to populate lookup field on TASKRAY__Project_Task__c. Are you saying that you are trying to populate some field on related project TASKRAY__Project__c? Which field do you want to populate and with which value? – Patlatus Sep 13 '16 at 12:49

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