We are trying to dynamically call for content areas within an email using the ContentArea function. We have no issues calling content areas that were created using the classic content builder, but when we try to do the same and call to a content area that was created using the new Content builder we get an error. Is this not available with the new content builder areas? or is the syntaxes different?


Var @CRI 
Set @CRI = Contact_Row_id

Var @Product
Set @Product = Lookup("Asset_Test","Product_name", "Contact_Row_id",@CRI)]%%

We get the following error:

The subscriber preview failed to generate. Review the details, correct all issues, and try again. An error occurred when attempting to evaluate an ContentArea function call. Function Call: ContentArea("1160") See inner exception for details. The specified content area client does not match the job client. ContentAreaID: 1160 Job ClientID: Content ClientID: Function Name: ContentArea Parameter Name: ContentID Parameter Ordinal: 1 Parameter Type: Numeric Submitted Value: 1160 ClientID: JobID: 0 ListID: 0 BatchID: 0 SubcriberID: 0 Data Source Type: CustomObject Data Source ID: 99c19049-eb48-e611-8bd1-38eaa7313839

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For Content Builder Blocks, you need to use ContentBlockByID or ContentBlockByKey to call them. The Content area functions are only for classic email editor.

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