I've been trying to uninstall a managed beta package that I have in another dev org (3 dev orgs), but I keep getting an internal server error like below:

enter image description here

I made sure nothing is dependent on the beta package, like being used in a community page. Also, this is a Lightning Component.

I have no easy way of contacting Salesforce. I figured I would ask here and see if anyone else is experiencing this issue?

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    Usually if there is a dependency, you'll be presented with a page that tells you what those dependencies are. I haven't see this before, so possibly related to being a lightning component. Sep 7, 2016 at 20:01
  • I had this problem once uploading a managed package and the fix was to compile all classes. Doubtful that it will work here as the situation is different but you could give it a shot. Also, try deleting all data that it holds first. Maybe something happens when data is being deleted that causes the error?
    – Eric
    Sep 8, 2016 at 5:13

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I figured it out and it's my error. When you want to install a managed beta package, you need to ensure that all your communities are not using the component. This includes both published and un-published communities. When you have a published community using the managed beta package component, you'll need to republish the community without the beta package.

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