Need your help urgently. I tried several methods but failed. I have to create two fields under the object " Lead". ( for insurance industry) 1.Renewal month (January, February… December etc) 2. To call at renewal (yes, no, blank)

In term of workflow, if 2 above is Yes to create a task “renewal follow-up” with a due date which falls on the 1st day of the month before expiry i.e. if the renewal month is December, the task due date should be 1st November . The year should be dependent on current month, if current month is > than expiry month, to set the year as current year + 1. So, if Renewal month is say, January, and now its September, then the due date year should be 2017- January.

Now I created two fields , both as picklist " Renewal month " i created as picklist with the month values ( but seems it shouldnt be picklist , as further in my rules its not taking as months ). Then I created a process builder, criteria as if " to call at renewal = Yes", then the below formula field on ths process builder,

IF([Lead].Renewal_Month__c < MONTH(TODAY()),YEAR(TODAY()+1) , MONTH(TODAY()-1,1))

But then as , its a picklist field its showing the error,

Picklist are only supported only in certain function

If i try to create this field as Date then i am getting all date/month/year, whereas i need only the month to get choose by the users. Can you plz suggest how to goahead with this, as i need to urgently implement this. Thanks

  • MONTH() returns an integer but Renewal_Month__c appears to be a string like January per your OP. You will need to convert one or the other to be in coherence
    – cropredy
    Sep 7, 2016 at 15:02

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Assuming that Renewal_Month__c is the picklist where you are getting that error, you can use TEXT(Renewal_Month__c). In this way you will take the TEXT value of the picklist, in some functions you can't use picklist fields and you have to cast the value.

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