I created a custom record detail page for a custom object in the Napili community I'm working on. I use MavensMate with Sublime Text 3 and our code is saved in GitHub.

How do I pull down the community page onto my local machine so that I can then push it into GitHub?

I've done it with other things I've created in salesforce by updating the project but that didn't work for the community page.

  • What is the url when you view it in the UI? – Adrian Larson Sep 2 '16 at 21:04

Lightning Pages for community is still not exposed for packaging .You will able to pull it for lightning App Builder but not for community builder pages .

You will need to wait for few weeks(probably 2 week for sandbox) to allow winter 17 release to roll out in your sandbox to have ability to export it .

Please see below screenshots from winter 17 pre-release org on how this can be achieved

enter image description here

enter image description here

Once its exposed as Lightning Page you will see this in Flexipages just like others .

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  • How to create custom template for Napili community . I saw somewhere, but not getting it back. ? – Ankuli Sep 6 '16 at 10:44
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    @Ankuli please post as a different question can help you – Mohith Shrivastava Sep 6 '16 at 14:45

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