I want to make it so that only accounts with a Type of "Client" or "Client - Group Contract" can have services. The "Type" field is a picklist, while the "Services" fields are multi-picklists. I want the multi-picklists to be blank on accounts that aren't clients.

I can do this, without errors in syntax:

AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL( Type, "Client")), NOT ISBLANK(Services_Purchased__c))

But this doesn't work:

AND(NOT(ISPICKVAL( Type, "Client", "Client - Group Contract"))), NOT ISBLANK(Services_Purchased__c, Services_Licensed__c)))

I'm getting the idea that I can't do this with ISPICKVAL, but considering the types of fields I'm working with, what else can I use?

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    You can check to see if the multi-select is blank with ISBLANK(Services_Purchased__c) Sep 1, 2016 at 13:08
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  • I've already updated the question- that was only one of two problems, unfortunately, and my main problem has yet to be resolved.
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NOT(OR(ISPICKVAL(Type, "Client"),ISPICKVAL(Type, "Client - Group Contract"))), 

This translates into:

If Type is not "Client" or "Client-Group Contact", and both Services_Purchased__c and Services_Licensed__c are not blank, throw a validation error.


You can't put multiple options in the ISPICKVAL function. Only one at a time can be evaluated. So any other logic needs to be implemented with AND and OR statements.

If I understand correctly, this is what you want: "if the record is not a client (and of the 2 types), then both services fields have to be blank."

This would result in the following formula:

   NOT(ISPICKVAL( Type, "Client"))
   NOT(ISPICKVAL( Type, "Client - Group Contract"))
      NOT( ISBLANK(Services_Purchased__c))
      NOT( ISBLANK(Services_Licensed__c))

Here is how I would write it.

NOT(ISPICKVAL(Type, "Client")),
NOT(ISPICKVAL(Type, "Client - Group Contract"))),

Give that a shot!

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