I'm not sure how to tell the report type or what objects are being reported on since I can't open/edit the report. It's 4 years old sitting in a custom made folder, created by an admin years ago.

Report title: QTD Forecast Report

We have forecasting enabled in our org, although I don't think we actually use it currently. I'm not sure if I need some specific permission to access forecasting objects?

Any recommendations on how I can get more info on this report to figure out what permissions I need? I have the report ID from the URL, but it doesn't look like the SOAP API gives you much info about the report data itself.

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Most likely, this report was built with Forecasts 1.0, which was officially retired in Summer '14. You could try to download the metadata into Eclipse/Mavensmate/Metadata Toolkit/Workbench/whatever-you-use-to-access-your-metadata, which might lead you to discover what the filters and so on originally were. There are now two different types of forecasting you can use; however, they have to be enabled before you can use them. You're going to have to build your new reports from the ground up, though, because there's no way to change a report's type.


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