I'm trying to follow the documentation on How to Create a Query Activity but the first step eludes me.

  1. Click the Interactions tab on the navigation bar

Where can I find interactions? This is the navigation bar I am presented with when I log in and I can't find interactions in any other submenus.


Am I missing some permissions? Is there more useful documentation? Most of the video tutorials I have found for Exacttarget/Marketing Cloud are out of date and the navigation has changed substantially.

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    you need to go into Email Studio. Inside of the email studio navigation is the interactions tab Aug 30, 2016 at 20:03

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This functionality has since moved into Automation Studio.

Hover over the Journey Builder tab -> Click on Automation Studio

  • Hover over Journey Builder tab
  • Click on Automation Studio
  • Click Activities tab at the top

This will take you into the Activities screen where you can manage your activities.

  • Click Create Activity in the top right corner

This is where you'll be able to enter the details for you activity, create and validate your desired SQL query, and specify the target data extension.

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