In my Apex Trigger I have code that I want to execute when any of the conditions are met.

trigger NewLeadSendToInfusionsoft on Lead (before insert, before update) {
    for (Lead l : Trigger.new) {
       if(l.LeadSource != 'dup' || l.LeadSource != 'Package Installation' || l.Email != null || l.Status != 'At Infusionsoft') {

           LeadInfusionsoft.sendNewLeadToInfusionsoft(l.FirstName, l.LastName, l.Title, l.Company,
                                                      l.Street, l.City, l.State, l.PostalCode,
                                                      l.Country, l.Phone, l.MobilePhone, l.Email, l.LeadSource);

The problem I have is it always executes, even though in the debug log it says the Email field is null.

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When you have a != b || a != c where b != c, it will always be true. In this case, you always know this part of the clause will return true:

l.LeadSource != 'dup' || l.LeadSource != 'Package Installation'

It seems like you may just want to join all your clauses with && instead.


Because you are using OR conditions. || is OR. So you basically have

if( l.LeadSource NOT EQUAL TO 'Package Installation' OR l.Email NOT EQUAL TO null ) 

Even if l.Email is null l.LeadSource may not be Package Installation (Which is also a condition to execute).

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