I have a Master-Detail Relationship From an Object Flat to an Object Expense and also from Flat to an Object Housemate. Furthermore Expense and Housemate have a Many-To-Many Relationship through Junction Object ExpenseToHousemate.

            -------|                          |---------
           |                                            |
       Flat__c(MD)       Expense__c(MD)              Flat__c(MD)

I want to create a Lookup Filter on the junction object, where I only show Housemates which are part of the same flat of which the expense belongs to. So far i cant reference the Flat__c Field on Expense from the junction Object, only the Flat__c field on housemate is available.

The Question is: Can i solve this with an Lookup Filter and how, or are there alternative ways, if possible without code since i strive to avoid code where its possible.

Thanks for Helping

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Sadly this is not possible:


The first relationship needs to be established in order to apply Lookup-Filter logic on the second relationship.

The Workaround is (like mentioned in the link) a validation rule to prevent Users from saving wrong relationships (at least correct data even if the experience is not the same) or custom code.

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