We have a Napili template on our community here. When a user clicks on this link from the twitter app on iOS, they get a message: 'Invalid Page' as described here. When they open in Safari, the community loads as expected. The problem seems to be with iOS webview (is this supported by SF?) or with the Community config somewhere.

Has this problem been reported elsewhere and are there any known fixes/workarounds besides for asking users to open with their browser?


Per Jake, a workaround "solution" is to setup another page for the site and do this redirect (we will switch to 301 redirects eventually).

Community Builder > Page Manager > Add New Page > Select Custom Page Template

Community Builder > Page Editor > Select 'New Page' > Drag your lightning components on to Page and save your page.

Then configure these redirects

Setup > Sites > Community > URL Redirects

url redirects

This solution is NOT ideal, we would like the root site at /s to be the landing page. But a good workaround nonetheless. This works in twitter ios browser.

Still having an error trying to use host-tracker.com to monitor the website at this new URL, and google insights page test fails as well, get's the same "Invalid Page" error.

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