I have followed the instructions to create a react_native sample app on this page

Everything works, but what I am trying to understand is where does the


Store the tokens, and how does it then pass the token to the forceClient()

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I can understand that this can be a bit confusing as it's not really documented very well. The key concept here is that forcClient is an instance of react.force.net.js

var forceClient = require('./react.force.net.js');

When a user authenticates using oauth.authenticate - under the hood, it returns a data dictionary comprising of

 * Returns a dictionary with:
 *     accessToken
 *     refreshToken
 *     clientId
 *     userId
 *     orgId
 *     loginUrl
 *     instanceUrl
 *     userAgent

The forceClient reads this data dictionary and it has all the session information as well as target org/ user details available to fire subsequent SOQL operations using the query() method

As an example

var soql = 'SELECT Id, Name FROM Account LIMIT 10';
                          function(response) {
                              var users = response.records;
                              var data = [];
                              var count = 0;
                              for (var i in users) {

I hope that answers your question. I'd recommend watching this video to understand this in further detail.

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