I currently have tired {!relatedTo.Trainer__c} however that gets me the users's ID. I have also tried but that gets me a link to the users profile.

This email is going to clients so it cannot be a link to the users salesforce profile.

Any thoughts? Are there .tags I can use within {!relatedTo.xxx} so it gets the users name not their ID?

The trouble im running into is that it is a custom field that references the contact object from the account object so i cannot call $User.


If this is a child relationship (Account a child of User in this case) then you should be able to have something like {!relatedTo.Trainer__r.Name}

Essentially, the syntax is {AccountObject.RelationshipName__r.UserField}

  • Thanks! I created a function field in account that references it. i think Trainer__r would work as well. Aug 25 '16 at 22:11

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