How do I change a Measure data type to Dimension data type.

I have a field in the Datasource called ‘Article_Age_In_Publisher_Queue_range’ which is nothing but the number of weeks an article stayed in published status. And of course it is a ‘Measure’.

In data source i.e. within Salesforce Knowledge it is stored as ‘number’ and then imported into analytics-cloud Dataset as Number. So, this is a ‘Measure’ field in my dataset.

Now, I want to transform this field or create another field which can change the data-type to ‘Text’ so that it can becomes a ‘Dimesion’ in my Dataset.

Looked into this pdf multiple times, but can’t find it. Or am I missing some key concept or something.

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Hope it helps you can achieve this in dataflow's compute function and select text in it then convert your number t string by saql funtion

number_to_string(number, number_format) Refrence

this will result in new coloum with numbers as text

Note:i n SAQL query of compute function don't enclose field name within quotes (')


Up to now i know no really good way to do this.

But there is a hack:

Build a text formula field, where you convert your numeric value to a string value.

Sorry for this answer, but i havn't seen any other solution.


You can create a Recipe from the dataset formed by the dataflow and in recipe you can convert the measuere to dimension or dimension to measure

also the TEXT will work fine.

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