So the problem that I am having is I am trying to get the requested URL after that displays a 404 and do some Apex logic on it to route them to the correct place.

Now from reading the documentation I figured I could do something like this.


The problem is that returns the URL of the current 404 Visualforce page.

As an example the user requests:

https://site.force.com/something/path/id/72 which is not a valid path and gets redirected to my custom 404 page. The URL on the top of the browser is still https://site.force.com/something/path/id/72.

Yet when my controller calls ApexPages.currentPage().getUrl(), the page I get back from this is /apex/Custom404Page.

How can the controller get https://site.force.com/something/path/id/72?

Also in Visualforce I notice I can call {!$Site.OriginalUrl} to get back /something/path/id/72. Which is what I want. Can I access this global variable anyway in the controller? Is there a easy way without using JS to have the controller get this?


Well that last part helped me find the solution. I can get {!$Site.OriginalUrl} from Apex.

So I can just call Site.getOriginalUrl(); which returns back the right URL. As the method's documentation says it does the following.

getOriginalUrl() - Returns the original URL for this page if it’s a designated error page for the site; otherwise, returns null.

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