I have successfully connected to SalesForce using the Soap API and the Force.com toolkit for php.

When returning records, however, I am getting part xml responses:

SELECT Id, Name, Organisation_Name__c,County__c, Post_Code__c, Street__c
        from Organisation_Services__c LIMIT 1

Doing a var_dump on the result gives me:

  public 'type' => string 'Organisation_Services__c'
  public 'Id' => 
    array (size=2)
      0 => string 'a0Vb0000000i9FTEAY'
      1 => string 'a0Vb0000000i9FTEAY'
  public 'any' => string '<sf:Name>SRV- 00002</sf:Name><sf:Organisation_Name__c>001b0000006ltMwAAI</sf:Organisation_Name__c><sf:County__c xsi:nil="true"/><sf:Post_Code__c xsi:nil="true"/><sf:Street__c xsi:nil="true"/>'
  1. Why are there two items in the Id?
  2. Why are all the other attributes stuffed into the 'any' object?

Right, so once the response has been received, you then need to convert it as follows:

foreach ($response as $record)
  $sObject = new SObject($record);


foreach ($response as $record){

  $sObject = new SObject($record);
     echo "ID: ".$record->Id . "<br>Nome: " . $record->FirstName . "<br> "
    ." Sobrenome: ". $record->LastName . "<br> " . $record->Phone . "<br/>\n";


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