Basically I want to report on how many accounts are currently allocated to my sales teams not how many opportunities - So Sales guy 'James Bob' could have 50 opportunities all to 1 account I just want the report results to show as 1.

So the end results I can say Sales team A have 500 Opportunities to 200 Accounts.

Hope that makes sense and that you can help.

Kind Regards Paul


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There's an admin trick called "The Power of One" which has been around for years but is not obvious to even experienced report builders. Once I learned it, I automatically added the custom formula field Account Count = 1 to all my orgs. Works with summary reports. Reports on Opportunities can summarize the # of accounts, thus avoiding double counting an account present on more than one Opportunity

There are several documentation sources for this

Solution works for any report on children where you need to count only unique parents

  • This my friend is better than Christmas - I've been exporting matrix reports, filtering in excel and removing duplicates - Not too bad if it is one or two teams but i'm doing this for teams across the globes with over 6000 accounts!! Thank you so much Aug 18, 2016 at 14:55

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