I'm trying to deploy a few lightning components but I am getting an error

No CONTROLLER named apex://CreateQuoteRequestController found : [markup://c:createQuoteRequestApp, markup://c:createQuoteRequest]

I have a lightning app named createQuoteRequestApp that displays a lightning component to a visualforce page

<aura:application access="GLOBAL" extends="ltng:outApp">
    <aura:dependency resource="c:createQuoteRequest"/>

I also have the CreateQuoteRequestController apex controller included in the change set. How can I resolve this issue?

  • This is strange .If you have included controller then it should deploy . Aug 17, 2016 at 22:46
  • Any errors that might be preventing the controller apex class from deploying? What if you try and deploy the controller class first in isolation? Aug 18, 2016 at 0:21
  • @DanielBallinger I'm going to try this out. Deploy the code, and then deploy the components Aug 18, 2016 at 13:06

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The Known Issue was reported in Summer 17, but it might be Package install fails with error: No CONTROLLER named js://xxxxxx found or We couldn't retrieve the design time component information for component.


Does the org where you are deploying has namespace defined? If yes, please try to add a reference to the controller controller="NAME OF YOUR CONTROLLER"

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