We have a requirement to upload before and after pictures, can we use rich text area field ? Which storage category does Rich text area field comes into - data storage or file storage ?

  • Something else worth noting in addition to Eric's answer: I believe Rich Text Fields default image width to 500 px wide, and don't give you a way to resize images. You may find this makes your images too small for your liking - in which case you might consider an alternative like hosting the images online and referencing via a formula field with an Image() method and URL.
    – smohyee
    Aug 17, 2016 at 21:01

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Help docs seem to answer all your questions:

The maximum size of an image that can be uploaded in a rich text area field is 1 MB. Only .gif, .jpg, and .png file types are supported.


Images within the rich text area fields count towards file storage for the object that contains the field.


You can use XL-Connector to mass upload/download images to Rich Text Area fields.

Simply paste pictures into cells and run the Update or Insert DML operation to upload. Simply run a SOQL query to download.

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