I want to create a vf page which can be accessed by everyone whether he/she is the salesforce user or not (simply by URL) and want to collect information from that page into my custom object.Please guide me how I can get this functionality.

  • You can get this behavior with a community. Commented Aug 16, 2016 at 12:07
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    You can achieve this via salesforce Sites as well. Commented Aug 16, 2016 at 12:08

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One way of achieving this would be using Force.com Sites. These let you create a publicly accessible sites using your Salesforce domain. You can then specify which Visualforce pages you want to be accessible to external users.

There is fairly comprehensive documentation available here. To highlight a few key points:

  • You first need to register a Domain name within Salesforce for your Site. You can do this under Setup | Develop | Sites.
  • You can then create a Site as explained here, making sure you set it to Active assuming you want people to be able to use it straight away.
  • You then need to add your Visualforce Page to the list of assigned pages on the Site configuration page.
  • You then need to ensure that external users have Read/Create access to the custom object in question. You can do this under Public Access Settings on the site page. It is strongly recommend that you restrict access to the absolute minimum necessary to achieve the functionality you want. You can achieve this by configuring field level security to limit the fields they can see/edit.

External users will then be able to go to your page by going to yourdomain.my.salesforce.com/[VisualforcePageName].

As pointed out above it is also possible to achieve similar functionality using a Community.


You can use Force.com Sites for this purpose.

With Sites you can give authenticated/unauthenticated access to your Visualforce Page and save all the result you want with the controller into your Custom Object.

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