We are using Professional licence for our org and the salesforce system is integrated with a marketing automation tool so that leads will enter to salesforce through the Marketing tool.

A single person may fill different forms any times but client needs all submissions must be generated as a lead in salesforce. For this I have deactivated Duplicate rules , but user also want to know that if any lead enter to the system for the second time they must identify that there is a record exist with same mobile number or email, I suppose this can be possible using a trigger but in Professional licence , I have no access to code. Please let me know if there is any possibility for this requirement.


The standard out of the box Duplicate Management tool supports this behavior.

Once you have it set up to allow duplicates, Create Custom Report Types for Duplicate Record Reports.

The only records that will appear in these reports are:

  • Records identified as duplicates by duplicates rules that include the report action.
  • Records that were manually added to the Duplicate Record Set object.

    1. Make sure you’re familiar with custom report types and the general steps for creating and maintaining them.
    2. Create custom report types with the appropriate object relationships and configure them as necessary. Here are some examples of custom report types to get you started.

Report Type Lead Duplicates
Possible Use Create reports on the duplicate leads that were found by your duplicate rules.
A (Primary Object) Leads
B Duplicate Record Items

Then your users will need to Subscribe to Get Report Notifications.

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