we are a SaaS-vendor and offer our cloud-hosted software as well as services around this. All these software-access or services consist of multiple pricing components. Standard is a MonthlyFee or PeriodicFee and an initial SetupFee. There are products like Online-Marketing Services that also have a third component like a CampaignBudget.

How am I supposed to implement these services using SF-products? AFAIK the product is supposed to have one and only price that is only constrained/changed by the Price Books.

So am I supposed to create a dedicated Product for each pricing component? Like:

  1. SoftwareSetupFee
  2. SoftwarePeriodicFee

How do I 'bundle' these products into 'One Service' that can be added as a whole to the Opportunity?

Additionally, a Pricing Component like the OnlineMarketingCampaignBudget is actually a customer-defined and changing budget (and also something we profit from based on a non-negotiable, fixed percentage).

Any advice highly appreciated

  • just FYI, we introduced zuora and integrated it with salesforce successfully. having different Charges is not possible with the salesforce products per se.
    – hotzen
    Jul 31, 2017 at 12:39


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