We already have a page layout for Contacts object and a custom console component on the contacts page layout.

We are planning to replace the standard page layout for contacts with a VF page and at the same time, we want to retain the custom console component.

Is there any way to access the custom console component using Salesforce API ( in order to access the custom console component within the VF page)


In theory you could use either the metadata API to read info about Layout objects, or the describeLayout method from the SOAP API to get details about a specific page layout associated with a certain record type and ID. After you have the detail of which VF page was acting as the console component you could render that into your main VF page as a sidebar.

You may also be pleasantly surprised at what the console does out of the box. In my test org I just over-ride the View action with a VF page that uses Case as the StandardController, and the sidebars I configured in the page layout show up automagically.

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