I'm looking at the pricing of Communities (community cloud), I see the below pricing.

My questions:

  1. Should a customer community be combined with an enterprise edition of Salesforce to use? (I'm assuming a Yes) i.e., to maintain a community, I need to first have a Salesforce edition?
  2. Can a customer community be maintained separately without linking it to any Salesforce edition? (I'm assuming a No)

With the pricing below, so this price is in additional to the Salesforce Edition that I buy, correct?

Can someone confirm my assumptions? Thanks

enter image description here

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Ok, answers to your questions.

  1. Yes, Customer Community needs to be used with Enterprise or Performance Edition of Salesforce. It is also available in Developer orgs and the orgs still on the old Unlimited Edition.
  2. No, Customer Community is not designed as a standalone product.

Pricing is additional to Salesforce licences.


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