While following the 'Get Started With Hybrid Development' trail on TrailHead I am facing problem on step Create a Hybrid App -

C:\Users\anand.gupta>forcedroid create Enter your application type (native, react_native, hybrid_remote, or hybrid_loca l): hybrid_local

Enter your application name: MyTrailHybridApp

Enter the target directory of your app (must be an existing empty folder): Trail HybridApps

Enter the package name for your app (com.mycompany.my_app): com.mytrail.hybrid

". Should be in the format x[.y[.ignored]] ) is less than the minimum required version (5.4.0). Please update your version of Cordova.

I have the latest version of Cordova installed ( Cordova version 6.3.0 ).

Even the shutting off the telemetry isn't helping (As was suggested by some users )

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A bug has been reported on github relating to the Cordova v6.3: https://github.com/forcedotcom/SalesforceMobileSDK-Android/issues/1209

Try downgrading to 6.2 for now.

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