I'm in a sandbox environment and trying to configure a service cloud console. I have a view with cases, as such:

Case view

Everytime I try to click on the case number it opens it as a subtab through accounts, as such:


I haven't done any coding myself. From what I understood this happens in the coding of custom objects, but aren't both cases and accounts standard objects? Where would I need to look to find the relevant code in order to change if it opens as a sub tab or as a primary tab?

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Depending on the console app you can setup how records are display. You can choose between primary tab or a subtab. For cases the default setting is "As a subtab of: Account". Try to set it to "As a primary tab".

To get this settings go to "Setup > Apps > Console" and click on "Edit".

enter image description here

  • That did the trick! No idea how I missed that. Much appreciated! Aug 11, 2016 at 15:54

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