I have a situation where the CNAME record on a domain will be updated to look up to a force.com site. Currently the “Enforce HTTPS” checkbox on our force.com sites config is checked and we would like to keep it that way. However, our domain currently does not have a certificate.

Would it be possible to move forward with repointing our domain to force.com without a certificate? If we do need a certificate, would it need to be signed? What type of issues could the sites end users experience if there was no certificate, signed or not?



You should be able to move forward without your domain having certificate .You can use platform provided certificate and get it CA signed .

Create a Certificate Authority (CA) Signed Certificate from your org

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Under "Administer," click Security Controls | then click Certificate and Key Management.
  3. Click Create CA-Signed Certificate.

  4. Click Download Certificate Signing Request. -After the certificate downloads, you'll need to send it to a CA of your choice.

The last step is to upload the certificate after it is CA signed .This article describes everything in depth

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