Is there any way to get Salesforce to return related lists when I lookup an object using their API?

Right now I am searching Contact objects for an email address and I am able to get back all the single fields (both standard fields and fields we've added) but I don't get any of the related lists (either standard or custom).

I initially was going to Contact, getting the ID and then I would try and do another query on the related list object, but I think because this is a master-detail relationship you can't search on it?

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You can use a inner query to achive this.

Salesforce SOQL Subquery and Custom Objects with Apex

The sample example will be like,

List<Account> accountList = [Select Id, Name,(Select id from AccountContactRoles), (Select Id from Contacts)   from Account where Id=: 'some id'];


for(Account obj : accountList){

You can verify the Relationship name using Workbench --> Info --> Standard and Custom Object -> Select and Object for which Relationship to be verified

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