We have 4 approval steps based on a multi-select picklist.

Step 1 If multi-select picklist = (A OR B) OR (A & B) Will go to Approver 1

Step 2 If multi-select picklist = (C OR D OR E) OR (C & D & E) Will go to Approver 2

Step 3 If multi-select picklist = (F OR G) OR (F & G) Will go to Approver 3

Step 4 If multi-select picklist = (H OR I OR J) OR (H & I & J) Will go to Approver 4

However, since the criteria is based on a multi-select picklist, if User selects A & B & G the record should go first to Step 1 (Approver 1) then it should go to Step 3 (Approver 3) because user included G. Right now it only goes to Step 1 (Approver 1).

Is there a way to achieve this? We need to add a flexibility where the record should also go to other approvers if it includes one of those picklist values.

  • Can you put a picture of your step. Your requirement is achievable. – Santanu Boral Aug 5 '16 at 21:07
  • The issue is that for msp, the only functions you can use are includes or equals. This works fine for a or b, but if you do equals a and b, then a and b and g does not equal a and b. In your case, you should be able to use the criteria includes a AND includes b, since you are ok if a & b & cdefg evaluates as true. – gorav Aug 7 '16 at 19:17

You will need the following:

  1. Four User lookup fields on your object Approver i, Approver ii, Approver iii and Approver iv
  2. Process Builder (?) or trigger to set the values of Approver i, ii, iii and iv to the set of Approvers 1-2-3-4 based on values in Multiselect picklist (see example below)
  3. Four approval processes 1Step, 2Step, 3Step, and 4Step with entry criteria determined by how many Approver x fields are non null. The next Approver in 2Step, 3Step, and 4Step after approval at step 1 is defined by the value of the object's Approver ii User lookup field. Similarly, the next approver after step 2 in 3Step and 4Step is defined by the value of the Approver iii User lookup field. And lastly, the next Approver in 4Step after the 3rd step is approved is defined by the value of the object's Approver iv field


  • User MSP value is A;F
  • Approver i = Approver 1
  • Approver ii = Approver 3
  • Approver iii = null
  • Approver iv = null

When submit for Approval is clicked, approval process 2Step is entered and Approver 1 approves first followed by Approver 3

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