I have a Junction object name AcctContactAff which creates a many-to-many relationship between Contacts and Accounts and stores (among other things) the title of the person at the account.

AcctContactAff - Contact - Account - Title

Being new to SOQL I am really struggling to get the following to work:

SELECT Id, Name, NPI__c, 
    (SELECT Title__c FROM AcctContactAff__r) 
FROM Contact

When I run this I get the error message: "Didn't understand relationship 'AcctContactAff__r' in FROM part of query call."

I can get the query to work when I do this:

SELECT Contact__r.id, Contact__r.Name, Title__c, Name 
FROM AcctContactAff__c

But I need to run the query from the Parent not the Child object.

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the first query statement?


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You can find the name of the ChildRelationship as follows:

for (ChildRelationship relation : SObjectType.Contact.getChildRelationships())
    if (relation.getChildSObject() == Contact.sObjectType)

Copy this value verbatim and replace AcctContactAff__r in your original query. Often it's pluralized so I would expect the actual name to be AcctContactAffs__r, but you should run the script above in Execute Anonymous to be sure.


You can go to the field's detail page, and you'll see the relationship name. Go to Setup > Customize > (Object) > Fields > (Field Name), or Setup > Create > (Object) > (Field Name), and you'll see the details. In the "Child Relationship Name" field, you'll see the name of the relationship. For custom lookup fields, you have to remember the __r.

Field Detail View

  • It won't give you a verbatim relationship name ever though, and also doesn't include the namespace.
    – Adrian Larson
    Commented Aug 5, 2016 at 1:18

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