I have created a workflow and I need to update a check box based on other field

If checkbox1------>is true then need to update chekbox2 as true If checkbox1 ------> is false then need to update chexkbox2 as false...

How can I achieve this using one workflow. Please suggest.


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Go to Setup Menu->Create->Workflows->Process Builder->New->



Add Object You wanna make this workflow work On

Mark "when a record is created or edited"


Add Criteria -> Select a name for this. -> Select "No criteria Just execute the actions!" Save.

Click on Inmidiate actions->Name It-> Choose "Select the xxx record that started your process".

Name the action keep selected "No criteria—just update the records!" and search for the chekbox2 field and put "Reference" as a Type and search for the checkbox1 on the value. Save.

This should make it.

PD: I prefered using Process builder over classic workflows since it's more visual Friendly.

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