When i am trying to save a record with phone field in account object, then it has to threw an error if the value contains numerical string and null value. I can accomplish this by using validation rule


But i want to do this by using Apex class. How can i check the phone field value if it contains numerical string and null value. I tried with following code so many times with out success. May be i was wrong with if(!Pattern.matches('[+][9][1]+[a-z]{24}+[A-Z]{24}',accs.phone))

public class Example {   

    public Account accs{get;set;}

    public Example(){
     accs = new Account();

    public PageReference click() {
    ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.FATAL,'Please enter correct number'));
    insert accs;
        return null;

please, Can anyone explain me where i have done wrong with correct code.

Thanks in advance

KS Kumaar


See the below code for reference:

trigger accounttrigger on Account (before insert) {

for(account obj:trigger.new){

if(obj.phone==null || !(obj.phone.isnumeric()))

obj.adderror('phone is invalid');



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