How to avoid critical updates prompt when admin login everytime?

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    If you review them once, then will not be shown the prompts...does not take long to review also – Varun Aug 3 '16 at 4:52

I don't think there is there is option or configuration to to disable critical updates. It not lack of functionality but its by design.

We should understand following points:

  1. Critical updates are critical

  2. Salesforce analyses your organisation to determine if a critical update potentially affects your customization. If your customization are not affected, Salesforce automatically activates the update in your organisation. So if it hasn’t auto-activated you need to resolve issues!

  3. On the scheduled auto-activation date, Salesforce permanently activates the update. After auto-activation, you cannot deactivate the update.

So, we should follow best practice of applying Critical updates asap and make sure your code works properly with new updates.

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