I have created some custom "Global actions" in Salesforce Ligtning, plus drag drop these actions in my new Publisher layout and assigned this layout to the Admin & User profile.

But when I see the Global Action after this operation, its only showing standard Global Action and hiding all the custom actions.

What can I do to achieve the requirement of showing custom actions in "Global Action"...?


As per the Spring '17 release notes topic Take More Actions from the Global Actions Menu, it's now possible to add custom actions to the global layout in Lightning.

I verified that not only are global Create a Record quick actions showing up in the global actions menu, but so are Lightning Component quick actions.

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Custom global actions are not yet supported in the lightning experience .Vote an idea on idea exchange for this.


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  • Thanks for the reply Mohith Shrivastava, I got to know this it works on salesforce1, not on desktop. But I am still searching to make it possible anyhow, so is there any way to make it work or create your own global actions links via Code/Metadata Update or Configuration?! – Faiz Jul 29 '16 at 10:39

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