I have a button that when fired sends the document to ALL recipients at once. The Roles on the Template match the DuS Admin Setup Roles in SF. The email addresses shown are just for testing. Below is the code, and the pic is the routing from the DuS template: WHAT AM I MISSING? #frustrated

var CRL ='Email~{!Opportunity.OwnerEmail};Role~Signer 1;RoutingOrder~1;FirstName~{!Opportunity.OwnerFirstName};LastName~ {!Opportunity.OwnerLastName},Email~ginamarq122@gmail.com;Role~Signer 2;RoutingOrder~2;LastName~GS Assignment,Email~{!Contact.Email};Role~Signer 3;RoutingOrder~3;FirstName~{!Contact.FirstName};LastName~{!Contact.LastName},Email~some.address@anywhere.com;Role~CarbonCopy1;RoutingOrder~4;LastName~CCTS Customer CC,Email~some.address@anywhere.com;Role~Signer 4;RoutingOrder~5;LastName~DevOps,Email~some.address@anywhere.com;Role~Signer 5;RoutingOrder~6;LastName~CCTS Sign,Email~some.address@anywhere.com;Role~CarbonCopy2;RoutingOrder~7;LastName~CloudOps CC Customer Sign,Email~some.address@anywhere.com;Role~CarbonCopy3;RoutingOrder~8;LastName~Order Entry CC,LoadDefaultContacts~0';
//Custom Contact Role
var CCRM='Signer 1~Signer1;Signer 2~Signer2;Signer 3~Signer3;Signer 4~Signer4;CarbonCopy1~CarbonCopy1;Signer 5~Signer5;CarbonCopy2~CarbonCopy2;CarbonCopy3~CarbonCopy3';
//Custom Contact Type Map
var CCTM ='Signer 1~Signer;Signer 2~Signer;Signer 3~Signer;Signer 4~Signer;CarbonCopy1~CC;Signer 5~Signer;CarbonCopy2~CC;CarbonCopy3~CC';

enter image description here

  • Not wise to put emails or any personal details in the public view. – user25387 Jul 28 '16 at 14:45
  • We are using this template to onboard our SaaS customers when a purchase occurs. Signer 1 = the Sales Rep, he is just reviewing the information on the template. Signer 2 = is an internal services team who is assigning a services technician (custom tags) who will have access to the environment. Signer 3 = our customer who is providing some contact information (more tags) as well as acknowledging that the services member will have access to their environment. – Gina M Jul 28 '16 at 15:14
  • CC 1 - The support group is cc'd so that they can open a case once the customer signs. Signer 4 = our devops team who will spin up the environment and provide the URL's (more tags) to the customer (via the completed DuS PDF) Signer 5 = our support team who will make sure the customer environment is up and ready and provide a verification (more tags). CC 2 = our Cloud Ops team - just as an FYI that this customer environment is up and running. CC 3 = our Order department so they now can bill our customer for the environment. – Gina M Jul 28 '16 at 15:15
  • When I hit "send now" from Salesforce, ALL of the recipients are getting the document to sign (or cc copies) at the same time. It is not sending to signer 1, awaiting the signature, then sending to signer 2, etc – Gina M Jul 28 '16 at 15:15
  • The CRL, CCRM, and CCTM strings look correct to me. Are you using a DocuSign template? If so, the DocuSign documentation does say that the routing order in the template will override the order set in the CRL parameter. If that's not it, are you certain that your document has tags for each signer? I don't know if DocuSign will automatically advance to the next step in the routing order if a signer has nothing to sign, but that could be another explanation. – Derek F Jul 28 '16 at 15:34

and the moral of the story is, that I had the email address and names in the template as well, so I guess this confused the system when they were also coming from Salesforce via the CRL variable. I removed all addresses from the template and it worked. Whew, this is why I am not a programmer... LOL Thanks to all who tried to help...

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