My formula so far:

ISPICKVAL( Type, "Prospect"),
ISPICKVAL( Type, "Is this a Prospect or User?"),
ISPICKVAL( Client_Management__c,"")

The other Types of accounts are either clients or ex-clients.

But for the Types specified, I'd like for the Client Management field to be required to be blank (it is a picklist field by the way).


The rule has to evaluate to TRUE in order to cause a validation error, so you are probably looking for:

AND( 1 = CASE(Type, "Prospect", 1, "Is this a Prospect or User?", 1, 0),
     NOT(ISPICKVAL(Client_Management__c, "")))

CASE is simply used to reduce the impact of the compiled function size, although I do find that this form is a bit easier to read.

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  • Much more readable with the leading 1 = CASE(...). I think the other way around tripped some people up. – Adrian Larson Jul 28 '16 at 17:32

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