I have a use case where I have to provide a button in the community page, it can be displayed in the community home page or in a detail page. The button has to open a new tab or page with the url it is embedded with. I checked the Global actions to add a new action to redirect to a page but the global actions doesn't have that facility.

Is there any way I can create a button that redirects to external page in Communities. I am using Napili template.

Thanks in advance.


You can download the component from lightning exchange for this requirement .This will avoid you coding lightning component for same .

Here is the appexchange app for your requirement .This app is free.



You could create a button with a lightning component for redirection and add it to the community home page. Or I think you could even do it with the richtextarea in the Napili.

  • Hi, I searched for couple of forums to create a lightning component for a button but they were discreet in creating the button and I am a sys admin and can't code, that's why I was looking for a solution which I will be able to do it by myself with some guidance. Thank you for your reply. – SandyAdmin Jul 25 '16 at 4:23

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