I have a Visualforce page that was created prior the Summer '15 release and was being used as a target of a quick action for SF1 on a custom object.

Everything has been working fine until the Summer '16 release.

Around the time of the Summer 16 release (not sure if it was that or a patch release) the Quick Action Header

enter image description here

disappeared. The page did not have the showQuickActionVfHeader as a part of the page (supposed to default to true anyway).

Attempts to get it back failed. The following was tried:

  1. Add the showQuickActionVfHeader=true to the page
  2. Delete all contents of the page and replace it with the code from TrailHead
  3. Changed the API version to 37.

Even with the exact code from trailhead it still is missing

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a resolution?

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Ok, to save someone else the headache here is how I resolved it. (Keep in mind that the API of the original page was updated to 37.0 and still did not work)

I got to thinking, if the code pasted directly from trailhead failed was it a bug in the org?

  1. Created a new VF page and Quick action using the trailhead module mentioned in the question.
  2. Added it to the opportunity
  3. Spun it up - bingo the page loaded fine with the quick action header visible.

Hmmmm... Its the same code as the original page, same everything, a copy and paste. Why does the original page still have the Action Header missing.

I said self - repeat the process with the problematic page.


  1. Deleted references to the problematic page
  2. Copied the page code to a text editor (to save it)
  3. Deleted the VF page from the org
  4. Created a new VF page
  5. Pasted the code (Exact same as original) into it
  6. Save it
  7. Recreated the quick actions and placed them on the page layouts

Boom page now works as expected.

Frustrating because the versioning meant nothing. the page was at API version 32 which was prior to the showQuickActionVfHeader being available. V37.0 broke pages created on previous versions.

its not often that something requires a complete deletion to resolve the issue and often it is not something we think about doing.

Hope this saves someone else some time and frustration.

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