Gentlemen, simple question. Does Apex wait for the DML operation of inserting accounts to complete before moving onto the next line (SOQL statement)?

insert parentAcctList;

List<Id> acctIdList = [SELECT id
                       FROM Account];

for(Id acctId : acctIdList) {
     Contact cont = new Contact(lastName = 'Lee', 
                                firstName = 'Robert', 
                                title = 'General', 
                                AccountId = acctId);
     insert cont; 
  • Yes. Apex executes line by line. – Krishna Bidwai Jul 22 '16 at 11:31


The code as you've provided is not considered 'bulkified' because it will execute an insert for each acctId.

You'd probably want to add the Contacts to a list, then insert that list outside of your for loop.


List<Contact> contactsToInsert = new Map<Contact>();

for(Id acctId : acctIdList) {
    contactsToInsert.add(new Contact(lastName = 'Lee', firstName = 'Robert'));

insert contactsToInsert;
  • Thank you for the answer! Yes, I am aware its not bulkified, just some code to frame the question about the account DML insertion. – Steel Reserve 211 Jul 22 '16 at 0:56

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