I am trying to develop a page wizard which helps our users "Complete multiple interactions" (create multiple records) on one page. In order to accomplish this, I have created the URLS for the records which I need to create, and appended them to with the isdtp=vw parameter to make them render without sidebar or header, and in aloha theme. I have noticed that none of my related list buttons work on the pages that are displayed. Is there any way to create a URL for a page that without header and sidebar, but retains related list functionality?


 private list<SelectOption> GetHospitalizationInteractions(){
    List<Hospitalization__c> IncompleteHospitalizations = [SELECT ID, Intervention_Status__c, Patient_Name__c
                                                           FROM Hospitalization__c
                                                           WHERE (Intervention_Status__c!= 'Complete' AND Intervention_Status__c!= 'Declined Consult')
                                                           AND Patient_Name__c =: Account.id
                                                           AND  Discharge_Date__c= LAST_N_DAYS:180 ];
    List<SelectOption> Returnlist = new list<SelectOption>();
    for (Hospitalization__c Hosp : IncompleteHospitalizations){
        String URL = '/'+ Hosp.id + '/e?retURL=' + Hosp.Id+ '&isdtp=vw&ent=Hospitalization__c';
        Returnlist.add(New SelectOption(URL, 'Incomplete Hospitalization Consult'));

    return returnlist;

Those URLs are stored in a map which is called URLtoTitle which gets populated in the MoveToCompletionPage Method.

They are then repeated over in an apex:repeat tag in the pageblock with ID="DisplayBlock" and title="Please complete the following interactions" to iframe their destination.

<apex:pageBlock title="Please complete the following interactions" id="Displayblock"  rendered="{!ShowCompletionPage}">

        <apex:pageBlockButtons >
            <apex:commandbutton action="{!Cancel}" value="Exit" />

        <apex:repeat value="{!URLtoTitle}" var="URL"> 
            <apex:pageBlockSection title="{!URLtoTitle[URL]}" columns="1" > 
                <apex:iframe src="{!URL}" frameborder="true" scrolling="true" title="Iframe" id="frame" height="400px"/>


Here is a screenshot of the button that is lacking functionality.

Iframed detail page with non functioning list view buttons

Please note that I have also tried changing the URL tag to idstp=mn and this works, but does not display the page in aloha, and it looks pretty bad.

Can you please help me figure out a way to create URLs for records which do not display the sidebar or header, yet retain the related list button functionality?

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