Salesforce Event log file only showing log out and URI Event Types. All Event Types are not showing up in Event Log File query.


SELECT EventType FROM EventLogFile



Please guide, how to obtain all Event Types in the EventLogFile.

I am using Developer Edition (DE) account

  • You have to actually fire events of other types for it to contain any other values. If you export a Report, does it still contain only those three?
    – Adrian Larson
    Commented Jul 19, 2016 at 12:28

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You can get the picklist values from the metadata using describes.

Set<String> eventTypes = new Set<String>();
for (PicklistEntry entry : EventLogFile.EventType.getDescribe().getPicklistValues())

They are also listed here and should have the same values:

Event monitoring can be used with 32 different file types:

  • Apex Callout
  • Apex Execution
  • Apex SOAP
  • Apex Trigger
  • API
  • Async Report
  • Bulk API
  • Change Set Operation
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Document Link
  • Content Transfer
  • Dashboard
  • Document Attachment Downloads
  • Login
  • Login As
  • Logout
  • MDAPI Operation
  • Multiblock Report
  • Package Install
  • Queued Execution
  • Report
  • Report Export
  • Salesforce1 Adoption (UI Tracking)
  • Sandbox
  • Sites
  • Time-Based Workflow
  • URI
  • Visualforce
  • Wave Change
  • Wave Interaction
  • Wave Performance

They are also listed out here but with duplicates and strange formatting.

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