I want to make a trigger to prevent deleting Accounts that have any Location associated. If an account has an associated Location, I want to display an error message.

There are a lookup field on Accounts to Location (Location__c).

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You can do this in before delete trigger. You can check and addError to prevent user from deleting the record.

trigger AccountTrigger(before delete){
    for(Account acc: Trigger.old){
            acc.AddError('Cannot Delete if Location is Present');

Trigger.new and Trigger.newMap is not available in delete operation.


Here are steps to achieve your goal:

  • Write a trigger on Account, trigger event will be Before Delete.
  • For the accounts which do have the location, use the addError() method to display the Trigger Exceptions.
  • Also for the DML performed in the apex class use the Bulk DML Exception to add error to the records.
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all that you have to do in the trigger before delete is something like the following:

trigger deleteAccount on account (before delete) {
    list<account> toDelete = new list<account>();
        for (account aux : Trigger.new){
            if(aux.Location__c == null){
                toDelete.add(aux.clone(true, true, true, true));
                aux.AddError('Cannot Delete if Location is not empty');


    Trigger.new = toDelete.deepClone(true, true, true);


Hope that it helps :)

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