We have a Wave dashboard embedded on a Lightning and Classic page.

We need to filter this dashboard to only display data relevant to a specific Contact.

This works fine in Classic, but Lightning gives us the following error when adding the the json to the page component: Error: The filter for this dashboard is invalid.

Provide a valid filter in JSON The JSON is: { "ithSales": { "Contact.Id":["$contact_18di___c"] } }

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You can't apply filters directly with Lightning.

You will need to create a VF page and apply the filters using that. See this post for reference. So, it would look something like

<apex:page sidebar="true" standardController="account">

  <wave:dashboard dashboardId="0FKB000000006Y7OAI" 
        filter="{'opportunities': {'Id': ['{!Account.Id}']}}" />


This will ensure filters are interpreted correctly. See this link for more details.

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