can you please suggest me how i automate the manual customization after refreshing the new sandbox from the production to remove some production setting through apex class.

Noe a days in latest refresh there is an option to give the apex class it will automatically to the needful setting in the newly fresh sandbox,

Bit the problem is how i start writing that Apex class,

Or, is there any other method to solve the problem, please help me i am new in salesforce, but i am very eager about salesforce automation. please help me.


Run Script After Sandbox Creation and Refresh

To make your sandbox environment business ready, automate data manipulation or business logic tasks. At sandbox creation, specify a single Apex class to perform the tasks. This class executes every time the sandbox is copied.Lightning interface of sandbox post-copy script specification

Create an Apex class that implements SandboxPostCopy and specify the class here. For example, the following Apex class simply reports the three contexts available in SandboxPostCopy: your organization ID, sandbox ID, and sandbox name:

global class HelloWorld implements SandboxPostCopy {

  global void runApexClass(SandboxContext context) {

      System.debug('Hello Tester Pester ' + context.organizationId()
           + ' ' + context.sandboxId() + context.sandboxName());

// Test Class

class testHelloWorld{

    static void testSandboxPostCopyScript() {

        HelloWorld apexclass = new HelloWorld();
        Test.testSandboxPostCopyScript(***apexClassName***, 'orgID', 'sandboxID', 'sandboxName');
        System.assertEquals(1,1,'Test something');


  • Hi devendra, thanks for your quick response one more thing how I will change the hardcoded thing from the apex class like in production mail id is mail@production.com and after refresh I want mail@test.com how I will do this using test automation . please help – lokesh kumar Jul 18 '16 at 9:38

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