I recently got certified in Salesforce 201 last month. I received an email last week stating that i have to write the summer 16 exam before March 3rd 2017. It said i have to get 83% in the exam and i will be given three tries to take the exam. It also had a link for Summer 16 release materials. But when i click on the link i could not find anything. I am wondering what material should i exactly be studying up for my release exam. If someone could point me in the right direction, i would be mighty helpful. Since this is my first time facing a release exam, pointers will help.


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First of all there is no certification named 201 . The certification name is "Salesforce Certified Administrator"

I checked that the release readiness video is not yet released and expect to come in coming weeks (SAFE HARBOUR)

You can check here for release specific training's once it is live .

Having said that there are multiple resources for you to still help and pass the exam

1.Release Notes

You can go through them in form of pdf or HTML .

2.There is Trailhead Module for Summer 16

3.Release Overview Deck

This will need your SFDC credentials and log into success.salesforce.com to access and download the deck from here

4.Release readiness video.

Please check these links for detailed video from product team at salesforce.

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