I have a field on a VF page when a user insert a value in that field and click a button, that value has to be pass to a variable inside the controller extension. The input field is:

<apex:inputField required="true" id="prodotto" value="{!Prodotto_contratto__c.Scelta__c}"/>

the button is:

<apex:pageBlockButtons location="top">
                <apex:commandButton action="{!addFromShoppingCart}" value="Aggiungi al Contratto" reRender="pselected,pinserted" />

Now in the controller extension I have:

public Id prodotto{get;set;}

but I can't get the value inside the void function:

public void addFromShoppingCart(){
    Prodotto_contratto__c pr=new  Prodotto_contratto__c();
    pr.Name='prodotto in contratto';
    insert pr;
    System.debug('prodotto '+pr.id);    

infact the system.debug value is null. Please Help me, I'm becoming crazy on this.

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To use you have to bind sObject fields with it. In your case you can declare an instance of type Prodotto_contratto__c and bind it's field with UI. Then you can access them in the controller.

<apex:inputField required="true" id="prodotto" value="{!prodotto.Scelta__c}"/>

Declare an object type of Prodotto_contratto__c

public Prodotto_contratto__c prodotto{get;set;}

Access prodotto fields as usual

public void addFromShoppingCart(){
    System.debug(prodotto.Scelta__c);   //this will give you the user input value       

The value of the inputfield should match the field in the controller that you want to set. So

<apex:inputText required="true" id="prodotto" value="{!prodotto}"/>

will populate the controller field

public String prodotto{get;set;}
  • Can you bind string type class variables with <apex:inputField /> ?
    – highfive
    Jul 15, 2016 at 9:56
  • good point - should probably be inputText
    – Doug B
    Jul 15, 2016 at 9:58

If the field is a lookup and you want to keep the salesforce functionality (search for record). You can also use:

Prodotto_contratto__c pr { get; set; }
pr=new  Prodotto_contratto__c();

And then use the field directly:

<apex:inputField required="true" id="prodotto" value="{pr.Scelta__c}"/>

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